The TLG Approach

TLG’s approach to learning and development mirrors higher education by using a curricular style to offering workshops. We design many of our offerings in a way that allows participants to progress from one level of engaged learning to the next level. This process reinforces what participants have learned previously while providing a consistency that enhances their ability to retain useful and relevant information. We believe, this approach increases individual’s confidence in applying knowledge and skills they have acquired within their work environments.

TLG also tailors offerings to align with the needs and desired outcomes expressed to us by clients during our pre-workshop consultations. Clients find our pre-workshop discussions beneficial and reassuring because it allows them to provide guided input before the event, resulting in increased buy-in leading up to the workshop. At TLG, we recognize that one size rarely fits all; cooker cutter, one-and-done sessions don’t easily transition into lasting behavioral change; and the flavor of the month is often only satisfying temporarily. We are a solution based consulting firm from beginning to, well, as long as you need us.



Crucial Conversations™
Speed of Trust™


TLG is certified to offer this highly acclaimed facilitated Vital Smarts™ training program. A Crucial Conversation™ is when high stakes, opposing views, and strong emotions converge. This program is designed to empower those at all levels of leadership to be actively engaged in outcomes by address challenging situations and developing salient resolutions that enhance teamwork and increase productivity. Click to download Crucial_Conversations® Program_Overview

Speed Of Trust™

Every interaction, work project, initiative, communication, strategic or tactical imperative you hope to accomplish is affected positively or negatively by trust. If your organization is experiencing the benefits of trust, then trust becomes a performance multiplier; whereby, if your team is going through a trust deficiency, everything endeavor takes more time and costs more money. Speed and Cost are two measurable variables, directly impacted by trust. Trust is a critical strategic lever that changes everything.

Covey says that trust is a measurable economic driver and the #1 competency of leaders. Fortunately, trust is also a learnable leadership skill. Speed of Trust™ has a proven record of helping leaders develop the skills that establish trust on every level, build character and competence, enhancing credibility, and creating leadership that inspires confidence.

Understanding and Appreciating Differences

A comprehensive, well-articulated workshop reviewing the business relevance of diversity, inclusion, and engagement. These sessions can be tailored to address the specific need of individual contributors, managers, senior leaders and board members.

What the Sneetches Teaches

Featuring an animated aid that allows participants to humorously and comfortably explore how differences of race, culture and other dimensions of diversity affect our interactions.

Managing Inclusion and Engagement

With diversity and inclusion continuing to be in the forefront of many corporate training programs, TLG moves individuals and organizations to what we believe to be the real goal of all trainings, facilitations, workshops etc. and that is deeper, more consistent employee engagement in the form of discretionary effort.

Navigating Your Own Engagement

Individuals and stock and ownership of the aspects of engagement within their control. This workshop was designed to help POC build trust, confidence, networks, and consider strategies to help them design healthy navigational paths within the workplace.

The Emotional Intelligence Connection

Using the work of psychologist and EQ practitioner Daniel Goleman’s work as the foundation, this workshop explores the link between EQ and diversity, inclusion, and engagement.

Impact of Our Messages

Informed by Mary Rowe’s work on micro-inequities and micro-affirmations, participants will be introduced to ways that concious and unconscious communications can positively or negatively impact relationships.

Moving Beyond Unconscious Bias

This sessions picks up where most unconscious bias workshops end. Participants are introduced to TLG’s Anatomy of an Ism and learn the distinction between bias, stereotpes, prejudice and discrimination and their unique connections to our thoughts and behaviors. This session is consistent in how invites honest dialogue, self-reflection and analysis. Tiime and time again participants with a clearer understanding of how to change behaviors to improve diversity, inclusion, and engagement.


Working Across Generations

This workshop presents issues and invites dialogue on challenges experienced when working across generations. How do baby boomers relate to millennials?

Gender Differences and Harrassment

Participants will find a supportive space to explore gender issues in the workplace openly. With the goal of improving communication, fostering respect, and addressing potential instances of harrassement and inappropriate behavior.

Understanding Race and Racism

A difficult subject matter is handled tastefully and addressed directly beginning with a historical overview of race and racism. The facilitation for this workshop has been referred to as disarming, insightful, enlightening, and non-threatening. Collectively, attendees experience a deeper exploration of a sensitive subject that leaves many, changed on an individual level. We only offer this workshop as an advanced experience.



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